Status Transportation - How to become owner operator

Status transportation reviewsWhat makes Status Transportation so outstanding? This is the one question a lot of our competitors keep on asking each single day. First of all it is important to understand the nature of our business all around the US and Canada. We, as a company move loads of different commodity and of different weights with a lot of dedication and efficiency. We offer employment to a large number of people. We hire truck drivers or dispatchers as you might wish to call them. It is upon them to choose to bring their trucks and for those with out trailers we adequately provide them with flatbeds or dry vans for ease of transportation and allow them to choose owner operator loads.

Secondly, nobody understands the challenges and hardships of staying on the road for a long period of time like we do. At Status Trucks we are always looking for drivers. This has been confirmed by the fact that we are growing in number and our customers continue to increase. If you live in the US, I do hope you understand the challenges that we now have to meet when looking for drivers/owner operators. The number of people who love to spend time on the road carrying cargo is on the decrease and the dwindling numbers is worrying for not only freight companies but the country as a whole.

If you fall in the above category and love to spend time on the road, you are the person we are looking for. As a Non-Forced Dispatch Company we respect your time. You are the boss here and we respect that. We know that as a family man, being on the road for a long time and without a break is not good for your health and for your family as a whole. You choose your timings on when you want to be on the road and when you prefer to stay with your family. One thing we are noted for over the years is that we are not rigid and adapt to changes by ensuring that our drivers and dispatchers are able to easily be part of our owner operator trucking business team.

As an owner operator trucking business company Status Transportation ensures that we meet the required transportation rules. We have a very lucrative paying system. We also ensure that once an invoice is submitted, it is processed and paid. We pay top market rates, something you can care to check with our team of drivers. You will also be able to enjoy receiving weekly settlements. All our owner operator truck drivers get paid per load and it is upon them to choose their working hours and how long they want to be on the road. We work with your schedule to ensure that our loads are delivered within agreed time. Our non-forced dispatch policy is always in season all the year round. It is this team of drivers and dispatchers that make Status Trucks move. Without them, it would be very challenging.

There are a lot of benefits that you will enjoy working with us. Once you have joined our team you will we able to enjoy a number of benefits at your trucking company in Orlando FL. Processing of all the work and dispatch has been made easy and quite effective in our state-of the-art modern facility. A team of our well trained staff ensures that all the loads and delivery schedules are planned and laid down without causing unnecessary delay and wastage of time in accordance with our Non-Forced Dispatch Company policy. Safety on the road is our priority number one and is something that we pay close attention to.

Our customers are able to trust us with their goods because of the laid down strategy that both our staff and owner operator truck drivers have been able to follow to the latter. This might not be easy as others are made to believe, our owner operator team are able to fully enjoy discounts on tires, fuel, maintenance, parts and tires just to name a few from our team of experience mechanics and technicians. There is also onsite maintenance along the ramps when there is need. We ensure that we make it easier for you to do business with us.

At Status Transportation, you can be sure to develop your work plan strategy. We help drivers chose their owner operator loads. They are also able to make a decision on choosing their plan. We have both regional and OTR plans. We are currently hiring and if you want to join our team, it is quite easy, simply log onto our page and fill the application form. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours. By joining our team, you enjoy great benefits that other drivers are already enjoying. You will also be grateful that we appreciate every driver on our team and that is the number one reason our Non-Forced Dispatch Company policy is in place.